Course Registration 2020-2021

Here is information needed to register for courses for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

Staff Contact Information




Alcorn- Martin, Robyn

Ali, Mary-Alice

Atkinson, Shelley

Aucoin, Lisa

Aucoin, Tom

Baillie, Carla

Beaton, Taylor

Berezowski, Karen

Bezanson, Sylvia

Brown, Krista

Cameron, Christina

Cameron, Sam

Campbell, Keir

Chabassol, Rob

Chisholm-MacDonald, Kelly

Connell, Jill

Delorey, Jason

Duff, Kaitlyn

Duguay, Chris

Dunn, Ann

Fitt, Jackie

Foley, Trevor

Fraser, Kyle

Frenette, Kim

Gagnon, Angela

Gladney, Sabrina

Grant, Jon

Green, Karen

Head, Chris

Hennick, Jillian

Hill, Jessica

Jennings, John

Little, Mandy

Lochead, Mike

MacDonald, Lori

MacDonald, Savannah

MacKenzie-Decoff, Dawn

MacKenzie-Sharpe, Shawna

MacKinnon, Wendy

MacNeil, Julie

MacNeil, Tracey

Marks, Gillian

Mathieu, Christie

McDowell, Dan

Meyer, Sarah

Morrison, Jim

Murray, Ruth Ann

O'Sullivan, Mike

O'Toole, Matthew

Patterson, Christine

Penner, Tessa

Reade, Dennis

Reid, Kathleen

Rhodes, Donalda

Toner, Ryan

Todd, Colin

Turner, Steve

Walsh, Sheri-Lee

Whynott, Trevor

Wolf, Alex