Graduation Requirements

Credits Required for Graduation:

3 English Language Arts (one at each grade level)2 Math

2 Science

1 Fine Art

2 Social Studies (1 Canadian History credit & 1 Global credit)

2 credits from Math / Science / Technology choices

1 Physical Education credit


STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE A MINIMUM OF 18 HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS. No more than 7 of the credits can be grade 10 courses and at least 5 must be grade 12 courses.


Students are encouraged to plan their courses with the help of Student Services personnel. NRHS offers students on-line course registration, and school staff help students with the on-line registration process. Students wishing to pursue post-secondary study (university or community college) should check with the post-secondary institution for the institution’s requirements.


Course selection booklets including course options and procedures for course recommendations/appeals can be found online at