Guiding Principles

Our school uses restorative approaches in working with our school community members—from students and staff to parents/guardians, we believe in building strong, positive relationships with one another in order to work towards increasing student achievement. NRHS students and staff are committed to providing students with a safe, respectful learning environment: We believe everyone has the right to learn and the responsibility to respect the rights of others.

Our school’s policies and procedures have been developed according to our four guiding principles: Safety, Opportunity, Achievement, and Respect.



Our school’s Code of Conduct supports a safe, secure learning environment.



Northumberland offers numerous academic and extra-curricular opportunities.



Our students are encouraged to set and attain academic and personal goals that are both personally challenging and individually achievable.



Our school is founded on four respects: Respect for Self, Respect for Others, Respect for Learning, and Respect for the Environment. We work to achieve an atmosphere of acceptance and strive to eliminate discrimination of any sort.


The SOAR Matrix

The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board believes that appropriate behavior enhances student success in school and contributes to a positive, safe and secure school environment.






Classroom and all areas of the school

Follow all posted expectations


Keep our school drug- free and alcohol-free


Use equipment appropriately



Be on time for all classes


Be prepared to work in all classes


Be respectful of the learning needs of others


Attend extra-help classes as required

Complete work on time


Submit work on time


Remember that students are responsible for collecting and making up their own missed work!

Be courteous to all members of the school community


Speak respectfully at all times and refrain from using profanity


Support others with positive comments

Halls and Stairs



Be respectful of others and of school property


Report vandalism



Be respectful of others


Travel quietly between classes

Hall passes are required for travel during class time


Respect the work of other students that is on display

Keep halls and stairs litter-free





Participate safely!


Use equipment appropriately

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear


Participate to the best of your ability!

Be prepared to participate


Give your best effort


Practice fair play


Encourage others to do their best


Use appropriate language


Be respectful to yourself and others at all times


Park in designated areas


Obey speed limits and drive safely

Encourage community use of school facilities

Be courteous to everyone-especially visitors to our school

Recycle and dispose of litter appropriately


Respect our building and our grounds


Be courteous to others – staff & students alike



RECYCLE – school programs benefit from the profits of recycling

Respect posted time frames


Leave No Trace!

Keep your eating area clean


Use appropriate language