Guiding Principles

Our school uses restorative approaches in working with our school community members—from students and staff to parents/guardians, we believe in building strong, positive relationships with one another in order to work towards increasing student achievement. NRHS students and staff are committed to providing students with a safe, respectful learning environment: We believe everyone has the right to learn and the responsibility to respect the rights of others.


Who we are & what we do...

  1. We are courteous, respectful and considerate at all times.
  2. We are an inclusive community, valuing each other's differences.
  3. We arrive to school ready to learn: on time for class and with all the necessary materials.
  4. We speak respectfully.  We do not put down, harass or intimidate others.
  5. We respect all property inside and outside the building and our surrounding community.
  6. We use technology appropriately and when it serves to enhance or support the learning experience.
  7. We strive to be positive school, community and global citizens.