NRHS Nighthawk Celebration

With dozens of sports teams, school clubs, bands and ensembles and service organizations operating within our school, NRHS is an active place! Our annual Nighthawk Celebration honours not only the students who participate in extra-curricular offerings at NRHS, but also the NRHS school community volunteers and leaders who contribute countless hours to making NRHS the best place it can be for our students and our school.

The Nighthawk Celebration is held in the school’s Presentation Centre which is always well-decorated in red, white and black for the occasion. Musical entertainment from our various Jazz ensembles entertains those in attendance prior to the commencement of the evening's program, and art from our students adds to the festive spirit of the event. 

A highlight of the evening is always our video presentation of the “Year in Review,” and the awarding of Artists of the Year and Athletes of the Year. Our SOAR Awards recognize one male and one female student as epitomizing our school’s principles of Safety, Opportunity, Achievement, and Respect for all and, in so doing, are two of the highest honours our school awards.