Course Registration 2020-2021

Here is information needed to register for courses for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance in all classes is a key factor in student success. To minimize disruptions and maximize learning, it is also necessary that students be in all scheduled classes on time.


Student Attendance and Engagement Policy 

Northumberland Regional High School        



Threshold Name

# of classes missed






Increased Connections



Teacher calls home to see if home can provide any assistance on student engagement.  Warns of potential credit removal.

Classroom Teacher






Early Intervention




Meeting with grade level administrator.  Identifies possible supports (e.g. guidance appointment, resource teacher, etc.).  Referral to outside agencies if appropriate.  Admin calls home to connect with parent.

Grade level administrator


Supports as necessary






Targeted Interventions




In-person meeting with admin, student, and family.  Review of previous interventions.  Attendance contract signed by all parties acknowledging potential removal of credit for courses

Grade level administrator


Principal to attend meeting


Potential for Credit Removal


Removal of credit



*For the purposes of calculating classes missed, 4 lates = 1 missed class



Students arriving within the first ten minutes will be marked late by the classroom teacher. Habitual lates will be considered disruptive to the learning environment and may result in consequences.  Students who arrive to a class more than 10 minutes late may be referred to the office.  This may result in consequences and/or the period being marked as an unexcused absence.