In order for teachers to provide meaningful feedback on student achievement, assignments must be handed in on the assigned due date. It is the responsibility of teachers to set reasonable deadlines and to clearly communicate these deadlines to students.


If a student is not able to complete an assignment before the assigned due date, it is the student's responsibility to see the teacher in advance of the due date and ask for an extension. A teacher may, at their discretion, assign a new due date.


Students who do not complete an assignment by the due date and who have not been given an extension in advance will receive a grade of NS ("not submitted", which calculates as a zero (0)) for that assignment. If a student has an excused absence on a day that an assignment is due, it must be completed within a timeline established by the teacher.




Students are responsible for “making up” all missed work.


Academic honesty is expected from all NRHS students. Neither plagiarism nor cheating will be tolerated at our school and will result in consequences.


Examples of plagiarism can include (but are not limited to):


·                     Submitting work that is not your own as your own

·                     Purchasing work from internet sites or individuals with the intention of submitting the work as your own

·                     Quoting directly or indirectly from any source without properly giving credit to the source of the quote

·                     Writing/creating an assignment for someone else

·                     Allowing another person to copy your work

·                     Communicating with or copying from another student in an assessment situation