Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The following actions are considered serious offenses against our Code of Conduct and will be dealt with by Administration according to the policies outlined by CCRSB: assault, bullying, disrespect/defiance toward school staff, fighting and/or contributing to a fight, harassment, possession/use of drugs/alcohol, possession of weapons in school, theft, vandalism. Consequences for these violations of our Code of Conduct may include out of school suspension, loss of privileges, and/or referral to the School Board for extended suspension.  It should be noted that recent revisions of the provincial school code of conduct allow school administrators to issue suspensions of up to 10 days should circumstances warrant. 


Please note:


Smoking, including all forms of tobacco and e-cigarettes, is not allowed anywhere on CCRSB property, including NRHS. A smoking area is located near school property for use by students.


PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) are inappropriate in a school environment because of the intimate, private nature of these behaviours. Students at NRHS are expected to refrain from PDAs while in school.


NRHS students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Clothing must not display inappropriate or derogatory language or messages, drug/alcohol-related paraphernalia/messages, or sexually explicit comments/implied messages. Clothing must conceal undergarments. Clothing may be deemed inappropriate for a learning environment and students could be asked to change into something more appropriate.


No objects – including snowballs – are to be thrown on school property.


Skateboards are not allowed to be used on CCRSB property and must be properly secured before travelling on CCRSB busses.


Students are expected to refrain from using profanity while on school property.


All persons on NRHS property are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to those around them.  Failure to do so may result in the individual being asked to leave school property. 


Use of Illegal/Restricted Substances

Students who use, are found to be under the influence of, and/or are in possession of illegal or restricted substances (and/or paraphernalia) at NRHS will receive consequences:


1.        Minimum – 5 day out-of-school suspension with mandatory transition/return meeting prior to the student’s return to classes


2.       Loss of dance privileges (including proms) for one calendar year


3.       Extra-curricular sanctions are typically imposed (of a semester’s duration. If an infraction occurs within the final four weeks of the semester, the sanctions will extend into the next semester. )




Parking and Vehicle Usage

Students driving vehicles to school are expected to park in the student parking area, obey speed limits, and at all times operate vehicles in safe and courteous manners while on or near school property. Driving and parking on school property is a privilege which may be revoked.


Vehicles are parked at their owner’s risk.


Drivers must respect all speed limits and safety expectations – RCMP are routinely notified when reports of reckless and/or dangerous driving are received.


Electronic Devices

NRHS is a CCRSB "Bring Your Own Technology" school, which means personal electronic devices may be included in classroom instruction. It is our belief that education around how and when to use electronic devices is an essential element of our broad curriculum.


Within this initiative, however, are expectations that personal electronic devices will be stored out of sight during classroom instruction except when otherwise deemed appropriate by the classroom teacher.


If students do not adhere to this policy, staff will ask the student to re-store their device. If the behavior becomes a repeated or chronic issue, the staff member reserves the right to confiscate the personal device and submit it to the office. Administration may return the device to the student at the end of the day or ask a parent/guardian to come to the school to retrieve the device.


Students unwilling to surrender their device for storage by administration will be in defiance of CCRSB's code of conduct.


Dance Policy

NRHS dance attendance is limited to current NRHS students and their approved guests from other high schools (from grades 9-12).


Please note that NRHS dances are school dances: to attend, a guest must be a student in a public school. Exceptions may be made in the case of Grad Prom. Please check with your grade level Administrator for permission if this is the case.


In all cases, NRHS guests must be in grade 9 or above.


All guests must be signed in and approved before the dance. Administration has the right to refuse admission to students and/or their guests.


Student attendance will be reviewed prior to each dance. Students with significant unexcused absences may lose dance privileges.


All students must respect the school’s expectations concerning drugs/alcohol. Any student under the influence or in possession of drugs or alcohol at any school event, including dances, will be suspended out of school a minimum of 5 days and will be banned from attending all dances – including proms – for a period of one calendar year.


All students – including guests – must show their own current school photo ID at NRHS dances. Those without current school IDs will be refused admission. Visiting students may use a letter signed by their school’s administration as ID if no school ID is available.


Students serving any type of suspension (whether in-school or out-of-school) are not permitted to attend an NRHS dance. This extends to students from other schools, who wish to be signed into an NRHS dance by an NRHS student.


Students should take note of the fact that all “sign-ins” must be signed into NRHS dances during designated sign-in times.  NRHS students are required to purchase their own ticket and the ticket for the student they are signing in, simultaneously.


Please see any member of the Student Council’s Dance Committee, the staff advisor, or school administration with questions about dances at NRHS.