Examinations are written at the end of each semester in January and again in June. Exam protocols are reviewed with students each semester in the weeks leading up to exams.


Exams are written within a schedule determined by the School Board. Medical excuses are required if a student will miss an exam. In cases where a student must miss an exam for a valid medical reason, alternate arrangement will be made to have the student write at an alternate time or in an alternate location. Issues related to chronic illness/injury must be communicated to Student Services well in advance of the beginning of the examination period. If a valid medical excuse cannot be provided for an exam absence, an exam mark of NW (calculates as a zero) will be assigned.


Students must arrive on time to write their examinations and must be prepared with all necessary materials.  Only items and materials approved by the subject area teacher will be allowed in the examination area.


Supervised study halls are held in designated classrooms during the examination period and students present at school but not writing exams must attend a study hall: there is no opportunity during the exam period to “hang out” at the school or to work anywhere other than in the study halls.


Exam Exemptions

A significant reward for excellent attendance is the opportunity for students to receive Exam Exemptions. Under this program, qualifying students are eligible to exempt one exam per term, according to a specific set of guidelines (found on the CCRSB website at http://www.ccrsb.ca/content/exam-exemptions)


Excused absences count towards exam exemption thresholds. Any unexcused absences or out-of-school suspensions disqualify the student from exemption status.