IB Exam Schedule

International Baccalaureate Programme

Northumberland Regional High School

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Examination conduct

Prior to your arrival…

·       Please know your candidate number.

·       Leave your cell phone and other electronic devices in your vehicle or with the examination invigilator.  Please be aware that notes and study materials are not         permitted in the examination room.


During the examination…

·       All necessary materials will be provided (pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, calculators, water )

·       You will be assigned a seat and must remain there for the duration of the examination session.  There are no early departures.

·       You will be given 5 minutes reading time at the start of each examination except for multiple choice examinations.  Reading only is permitted at this time.

·       You are not permitted to communicate with, nor borrow materials from any other candidate during the examination session. Address any questions you may have to the examination invigilator.  Failure to observe these regulations constitutes academic misconduct and will result in appropriate consequences as per IB regulations.


At the end of the examination…

·       Please ensure the front page of your cover sheet is completed correctly.

·       Hand in all examination papers, booklets and answer sheets to the examination invigilator.

You may not disclose or discuss the content of any examination paper with anyone outside of your school community within 24 hours of an examination ending.  This includes any form of communication, whether verbal, written or electronic.