NRHS Back to School Plan

A Message from Mr. O'Toole
Please find at the link below, an overview of our return to school plan for the 2020-2021 school year. There are many parts of our school day that will be drastically different this year. While completing this plan, please note that our focus has been on cohorting as many students as possible, reducing the number of different students that are mixed together in classes every day and reducing the number of students in common areas at any given time through out the day.
As you read through the document you will notice that we have completely cohorted our grade 9 students. They will be in all of their classes with the same students and have their own break and lunch times. For our grade 10-12 students, we have reduced the number of students they see in classes each day by half and drastically reduced the number of students on break and lunch at the same time.
School signage, traffic flow in and out of the building, cleaning protocols and procedures, the role of our student monitors and many other details of how the day at NRHS looks for staff and students have all been reviewed and adjusted to meet provincial guidelines.
We are continuing to review and make changes to how this plan works. This process will still be taking place after students return to the building. We will continue to learn what is working and what can be improved on. We will regularly be discussing ways to make things better. Our plan is to be flexible, adaptive and always keep student safety as our number one priority.
On another note, these changes will have a significant impact on many of the social and extra-curricular opportunities at school. I do recognize that many of the things that staff and students (including myself) enjoy most about being at our school will not look the same. I am not sure what the next few weeks and months will bring in this regard but I can tell you that we will continue to look for ways that we can either bring back some of those things as they were, or to create opportunities to do them in a different manner.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at I am looking forward to seeing the faces of our staff and students in our building again, even if half of it is covered.
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