NRHS Athletics


It is a privilege for students to become a member of a school team at NRHS.   Student athletics is designed to promote character and leadership development, physical and mental fitness, opportunities for participation and athletic excellence through instruction and competition.   

Qualities such as discipline, pride, dedication, punctuality and the ability to win and lose with grace transfer to students’ lives and enable them to be good citizens and effective leaders.

It is important that student athletes feel they are part of the total athletic program.  Student athletes are expected to participate and support student council fundraiser/events and support other teams by attending games and tournaments.

Student athletes are ambassadors for NRHS, their team and community.  It is expected that NRHS student athletes display a respect for players on opposing teams, officials, coaches, teammates, fans and the facilities they are using.



Seasons of Play




Major:    Soccer

Boys   Baseball



Major:   Basketball



Major:  Rugby

Girls Softball

Track and Field

Minor:   Golf

Cross Crountry

Minor:   Badminton



Table Tennis

Minor:  Lacrosse

Ultimate Frisbee


·         A student athlete can play one (1) major sport per season.

·         Attendance/commitment to a major sport takes preference over a student athlete’s attendance to a minor sport.

·         Volleyball is an exception with crossovers in seasons.  A player may play volleyball and then play basketball.  Volleyball season is completed by the first of December and Basketball season is just commencing.  The season that comes first (Volleyball) is the athlete’s first commitment.  Athletes cannot be held back from the second (Basketball) is there is a scheduled game for the first.  Coaches should try to arrange their practice and games to avoid conflict if at all possible.

·         A student athlete can play soccer first and either hockey/basketball, as long as the following conditions are met:

o    a student athlete is required to fulfill the commitments to the first season. (regionals, qualifiers, provincials) 


Participation Requirements


1.        All athletes must attend a mandatory athletics meeting.  This meeting will be held at lunchtime with the school administration and athletic director. There will be a meeting scheduled for each season of play.

2.       Athletes must have paid their uniform deposit.

3.       Team Player Fees - Athletes must have paid a portion of the team player fee.  There will be payment dates set with each team and players must have fees paid on time or have made arrangements with the Athletic Director to make an alternate payment schedule.

4.       Athletic Contract – Student athletes and their parents/guardians are required to sign the contract.